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POLARIS stands almost motionless  in the sky, and all the stars of the northern sky appear to rotate around it. Therefore, it makes an excellent fixed point from which to draw measurements for celestial navigation and for astronomy. Polaris is a multiple star, comprising a main supergiant star, two smaller companions and two distant components.

Like the North Star, POLARIS @ KL Metropolis is the largest mixed development at the northern tip of KL Metropolis, a 75.5 acres 21st century commercial business district containing Malaysia’s largest exhibition centre holding meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibition (MICE) activities with a well-developed space of 1 million square foot. Supporting the new Matrade Centre are advanced office buildings, luxury condominiums, boutique hotels, museum, art complexes, a variety shopping, dining and entertainment experiences.

POLARIS @ KL Metropolis aims to outshine all. In addition, the 8.95 acres POLARIS @ KL Metropolis will act as a guiding star for this metropolis by providing excellent retail & dining experiences, health facilities, auto fashion and up-to-date luxurious residences.

Like the northern star, POLARIS @ KL Metropolis will consist of 5 major components namely   galleria retail, signature offices, corporate offices, branded residences and a 5-star hotel.

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